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Coffee Magic: Your Destination For Delectable Roasted Coffee

Coffee Magic has perfected distinct and flavorful coffees for over 30 years. We roast our coffees in small batches and ship direct to guarantee freshness. Our diverse coffee blends provide added complex flavor not found in single origin coffee. When you buy Coffee Magic you will enjoy delectable coffees!

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Coffee Magic announces the new innovative QuickDrip coffee cylinder!

Coffee Magic is ecstatic about its new QuickDrip coffee brewing cylinder. The QuickDrip, with its vertical wall and other features, assures the best extraction, the best taste, and a consistently hot cup of coffee. Made from unbreakable 16 gauge 304 stainless steel, the QuickDrip should last for several lifetimes, thus eliminating the need for ever buying another coffee maker ever. Discover the true full flavor of your coffee with this unsurpassed brewing method.

  • Quick Drip
  • Dark French
  • Fog Lifter